From: James R.
To: drrot@rotdoctor.com
Subject: seamlesss in S,F, 1014
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997

I've recently purchased a 38' 1957 Chriscraft WOODEN powerboat. Although her frames and planking (Carvel=double "diagonal" 3/4 inch. below the chine mahogany) are extremely sound and fair, but she has been out of the H20 too long (6 months) to consider recaulking etc.....OR should I consider re-whatever, as outside planks under the waterline are dry and cracks appear over approximately 700 square feet. Would a East-System Epoxy Cold-Molded process work with thin layers of 1/8"x6" mahogany veneerwork---what type of veneer? How much resin would be necessary? What do you recommend? ....LITERATURE ....THANK YOU!!!!

James R.


I would NOT even consider any kind of cold-molding or epoxy sheathing with glass cloth. These old boats were not constructed with that kind of extremely rigid format in mind. The hulls *work* underway and the new sheathing de-laminates and then you have one hell of a mess. I've seen it too many times.

If the planks/frames are sound, then I would re-caulk with something like 3-M 5200, put her back in the water with pumps standing by, and let her re-swell her planks. Six months is not that long. She'll leak for awhile, but eventually take up and there you are with a perfectly fine boat. The next time after that when you haul, you'll notice that the planks have squeezed some of the caulking out; this can be shaved off with any sharp blade/chisel.

If you run into any bad or punky wood, let me know. We've got just what you need for that.