Subject: Well done (Pt.1)
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998

I've been a boat carpenter for the last 25 years and tend towards the traditional resolution to most repairs and rebuilds. I read most of your replies to the various questions and want to compliment you for your balanced approach and to your wisdom of not bringing in the new at the cost of loosing the old. They compliment rather than antagonize. Keep it up.



Thank you for your message. We do catch a little abuse from the shipwrights and surveyors, so it's good to have someone in the shipwright trade give us a pat on the back.

We'd be the last to deny that replacing the wood is always the best option. But the reality is that not everyone who owns wood boats has the technical skills to do it themselves (me!) or the money to pay to have it done properly by a shipwright (me again!). It is at this interface that our products are useful.

We do wish more shipwrights and marine carpenters would consider using the Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer on new wood going in. It gives the wood some good protection against future deterioration, will still allow the wood to *breathe* after curing, and doesn't cost that much either when spread on new wood -- a little will spread a long way.

Thanks again....