Subject: Rotten fuel tank
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998

Dear Dr.

Greenpeace Hawaii was donated this 1978 30' Lancer sloop that I have spent the last 5 months refitting.

The latest problem:
The 25 gallon aluminum Diesel tank has developed pits deep enough to leak fuel. I pulled the tank and washed it out with soap and water, and dried it. I'm now thinking of sloshing Gluvit on the inside and slathering the outside with Marine tex. Is this wise? Maybe cut out the bottom and heliarc in a new one? We'll be running SoyDiesel which is a shade alkyline. Will Gluvit hang on to aluminum dependably under these conditions?
Hope to hear from you soon,

-Capt. Don B.

Capt. B.

I'd recommend NOT trying to use ANY epoxy compound the repair a diesel fuel tank. While some epoxies will attach, more or less, to some clean metals, their durability is questionable, and this would be especially true in an environment where the metal is vibrating. Furthermore, you are contemplating trying to apply epoxy to a surface that has been soaked in diesel, and epoxies and petroleum products do not mix well. I think you'll find it would be just about as inexpensive to replace the whole tank. Should cost you less than $200.00 if you do the installation.