Subject: Help... Stringer Repair..
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998

I have a 1980 Trojan F32 that has a small amount of rot--about 4"--around the limberholes in 3 of the floors... If you're familiar with the F32, the three affected floors are between the head and galley and the dinette. The top half is glass encapsulated...the rot doesn't APPEAR to extend beyond the exposed wood The plan is to cut out the rot, inject the surrounding wood with Git Rot, fill with fiberglass, and--some debate as to whether it's necessary to strengthen with sisterboards.

Got a better idea?

Peggie H.

Hi Peggie,

Well, whatever you do, don't use Git Rot. You might as well use any epoxy resin. If you're interested in details, see our product testing on our website.

Actually, if the rotten wood is pretty much intact and it is (or can be made) reasonably dry, I would suggest just drilling a few access holes through the glass top, injecting our Clear Penetrating Epoxy Resin (CPES) until the wood won't accept any more, allowing it to cure (2-3 days) and then repeating the process. You can also take a brush and brush the CPES on the outside of the bad wood, again repeating the process after 2-3 days. The rotten wood will now be hard. And it will last longer and hold better than the glass patching. It's still wood, just epoxy-saturated.

You can tell when you drill whether there are any gaps under the glass. If you want to be a perfectionist (as I usually am), you can follow the CPES treatment with our Layup & Laminating Resin. This is a particularly slow-setting resin and will settle nicely into the bad wood over the CPES. Should be stronger than it was originally. If you decide to use the L&L Resin, I'd suggest making your access holes at least 1/4". That way you can trickle in the resin without getting all tied up with syringes. The holes can be filled with epoxy filler.

I have been using these products in this way for years, and they work. All details, order info, etc. is available on our website. Products are in stock always and we ship within 24 hours. Come back if you have more questions.