Subject: Sealants
Date: Sun, 07 Jun 1998

(ed: In response to the Doc's reply regarding gluing in bungs, Kent had this to say.)


Epoxy glue would be a preferred material for gluing in the plugs over the fastenings. 3m 5200 would tend to show the seam more and penetrate the grain around the hole making it a little harder to clean up. You would also have to wait longer for it to cure before the plug heads were trimmed off, otherwise your chisel (and your hands) would be a mess. Again, continual cleaning with harsh marine deck cleaners will soften 3M 5200, even around a plug. If the edges of the hole have been chipped slightly, a small amount of graphite power can be added to the epoxy which resists UV degradation at the exposed glue (in the chipped areas). A little unsightly due to the black color but it works.

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