The Rot Doctor


Subject: A couple of questions...
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998

Thank you for your web site. It answered many many questions. I have recently undertaken a major overhaul on my Boba. This is a glass boat with a heart of wood. I have work professionally as a sailor on traditional schooners back east. I have owned bleach-bottle boats. Now I have this boat. I have never really seen a boat like mine that has either the best of both or the worst of both.

A Boba? That's new to me! I'd personally find more details on this boat interesting. Who built it and how is it constructed?

I will use CPES to fix some problems in the salon overhead and a few other minor places. I have recently pulled a fabric/plastic cover that sat behind stowage areas on the hull (this stuff is white "quilted" plastic with a cloth backing. It looked like it was to protect stowage areas from hull condensation. It has trapped moisture. I was suprised when I pulled it off to find that it was covering plywood -- not fiberglass as I had expected. There is no way I can replace this wood. It is jet black but still firm.

Do I pull the covering off where ever I find it? let it all dry, then apply CPES? Do I worry about the plywood/fiberglass interface at all?

Yeah, if I was using the CPES I would go ahead and pull off the fabric and coat the wood and all available joints with the CPES. Trapped moisture is not good, as you know. You are fortunate that the wood behind the fabric was still good. I'm not sure I'd put the covering back.

I'm not quite sure what you mean about the plywood/fiberglas interface. More details?

One other question: Is this a "hazardous material" for shipping? Shipping hazardous material to Anchorage is killing me -- it must travel FedEx priority with extra fees.

Yes, CPES is a hazardous material, and I know what you mean about the FedEx charges. However, we can and do ship CPES within the US (which includes AK) by barge , so the expense is not as great. See our shipping information page for more information. It's going to take a little longer but if you plan ahead a few weeks you should be okay. We also sell a cold weather version of the CPES, which is good for temperatures down to 32 deg F.

thank you

Come back with a few more details and I'll try and be more specific in my answers. Also feel free to ask additional questions.