The Rot Doctor


Subject: Transom Woes
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998

Just finished reading about the clear penetrating epoxy sealer. Would I use this product on my fiberglass transom. Following what I read. I believe I would drill 1/4 inch holes through the fiberglass shell into the suspected rotted area and allow to air dry. How long do you think this would take to dry? Could I drill to many holes? How much product would you recomend? Could I use a chemical such as acetone to speed the drying process? Just trying to get an idea of what is involved and whether the ski season will be over when I'm finished.
Thanks for any information you can give.

Info on boat. 16.5 boat with a 140 I/O. Suspected rot in transom
Thanks Jay W.


What you do depends a lot on where the rot is and how much of it there is. Drilling holes are access of the penetrating epoxy will work, but dry time can be lengthy unless you start pumping air through. A lot of people just cut the top edge off the transom, dig out any rotted wood, saturate the inside with the CPES, add some new CPES-soaked wood if necessary, and then epoxy-glue the top edge back on.

You can't drill too many holes. You'll be closing them again with Epoxy Filler, which is stronger than the glass laminate.

Acetone might help a little, but it really doesn't displace much water. Mostly it's an air-dry situation.

Come back if you have more questions.