The Rot Doctor


Subject: Will CPES peel off over time?
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998

Dear Sirs,
I happen to be one of your customers who is 'restoring' a 17' wooden boat. I am using CPES to treat some lightly damaged boards as well as treating the wood I am replacing completely (too far gone in my opinion). I noticed as I prep the surfaces that some type of epoxy was applied to the seam areas at one time. The epoxy in those seam areas has since pulled away from the wood allowing water to reach unprotected wood and cause damage. Will this happen in the future to the CPES? The type of wood is white oak.

No, CPES will never pull away from wood, because it doesn't sit ON the wood, but penetrates INTO the wood. This is one of the reasons why it serves as such a good base for additional coatings. However, the hard woods, such as the White Oak, will absorb less of the CPES than a softer wood, such as Fir.

White Oak is a difficult wood for the standard epoxy to adhere to. Some epoxy manufacturers recommend that White Oak be wiped down with acetone or some other solvent before the epoxy application. We make no such recommendations. All our epoxy products will adhere to White Oak without difficulty.