The Rot Doctor


Subject: Replacing battery boxes on Grady White
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998

Dear Doc,
My plywood battery compartment structures are rotted away. I intend to replace the plywood and glass it to match the rest of the boats color which is white. My question is what to use and a idea how to use it.The amount of is about 6 sq feet in 4 different parts. Thanks


To be honest with you, if it were me I'd replace the battery boxes but not glass them in. Wood enclosed in glass is more vulnerable to rot than wood out in the open, because you cannot keep the dampness out and the wood cannot "breathe" itself dry. This is why so many have rot problems inside their transoms and stringers. Looks nice when new, but not a good place for wood.

Here's what I'd suggest: By the best grade exterior plywood you can find, as clear as possible. Measure and cut all pieces to fit. Once cut and ready to place, coat all pieces with 2 generous coats of our Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer (CPES). Pay special attention to the end grain pieces, applying as much of the CPES as you can get the wood to absorb. Let the first coat cure out (2-3 days) and then do it again. When in position, apply again CPES to any pre-drill holes before nailing or inserting screws. An option would be to also use out Epoxy Adhesive on all seams. Once everything is in place and fastened, go back and use a good marine grade polyurethane white paint to cover it all. You'll have a good looking installation, protected by the CPES and covered with good paint. The wood can still breathe, you can see the wood and be sure it is not deteriorating.

If you think the over-glassing is necessary, do be sure to heavily coat any wood inside with the CPES. This will give it some good protection against rot.

Come back if you have more questions.