The Rot Doctor


Subject: Products
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998


I have just relaunched Jolly Roger and am very pleased with the results of Rot Doctor products. JR is a skipjack hull and had a leak in the stem post/bow logs that was impossible to find. I cut through a cheek block above the logs and injected about 10oz of CPES. The next morning, I saw drips hanging from the forefoot. I then injected another 10oz and it flowed through indicating (at least to me) that the channel had been sealed. I followed with about 8oz of laminating epoxy and sealed my surgery with cotton soaked in laminating epoxy (couldn't use filler as the access was horizontal).

Launch day and NOT ONE DROP coming in the stem!!!! This is a place that ran constantly! What the use of Rot Doctor saved me was mega bucks as the yard felt the starboard planking from the log to halfway up the stem would have to be removed...just to try to find the leak! Consider the cost when the planking is drifted from planksheer to chine.

I know that someday I will have to undertake that job to get it right but in the meantime, Jolly Roger is healthy and solid...sounding the area produces the solid "thump" surveyors look for...meaning I can enjoy her and not face an extended and costly yard stay.

Thanks for your fine products...I will be preaching the Rot Doctor gospel around the middle Chesapeake!



You bet! We went through an identical process on the stem of DELTA, and with exactly the same results.

Call us if we can be of further help.