The Rot Doctor


Subject: quantities of material
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 1998

Can you advise on quantities of CPES, L&LE, and Epoxy Filler to repair a transom on a 18" Hydrodyne I/O?

Boy! A tough question. Everything depends on the condition and the quantity of the wood remaining in the transom. If it is pretty much all there, and reasonably dry, then the amount of CPES injected into top-drilled holes would probably be about two of the 2-quart units, or a gallon. This would allow you to pretty much soak all the wood. You should then wait about 2 weeks for all the carrier solvent to evaporate away before closing the holes. In this case, one of the 12 oz Epoxy Filler units would be sufficient.

If the wood inside the transom is deteriorated away, then you're into a replacement mode. Again, reasonable dryness is essential. You can either saturate with CPES to preserve what wood is left and then fill with the L&L Resin (mix it with sawdust to give yourself more volume), or cut the top off the transom and replace the wood with CPES-soaked new wood pieces and L&L Resin. The new wood will save you some money as opposed to filling with all resin. The cut-off top piece and can be replaced, using the Epoxy Filler as a fill and bonding agent. In this case the CPES would be no more than the two 2-quart units, but how much resin/sawdust you would need to fill will depend on the volume you're filling.

Come back to me with some idea of what kind of project you're looking at, transom thickness etc. and I can give you a better idea of supply quantities required. You can also start and then re-order if necessary. We do ship same day the order is received if before 3 pm Pacific time.