The Rot Doctor


Subject: Filleting with Layup and Laminating Resin
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 1999

Dr. Rot:

I am repairing and restoring old wood sailboat that is carvel planked cedar on oak ribs. Water sat in the bottom and decayed the sides of many of the ribs. The ribs are small, about 1/2 inch high and one inch wide. The worst ones were cut out and new sections scarfed in place. Everything on the floor was stripped and then coated twice with CPES (wonderfull stuff!).

I want to fillet the areas between the oak ribs and the floor to help seal the joints and replace the wood that has rotted away. The floor finish is natural so I want to avoid using the "Fill-It" product. Can I use a microfiber product to thicken the layup and laminating resin so it can hang as a fillet? Or should I use fine sawdust as a thickener instead.

Yep, the L&L Resin can be thickened with just about anything. A microfiber or microball filler will work fine. So will sawdust, if you're after a more natural look. The issue here will be "sandability". The fiber or ball fillers will sand away easier than the sawdust, basically because they do not absorb the resin, Sawdust DOES absorb resin, and you'll get a really hard cured product. It is sandable, but needs an orbital machine and some heavy paper. I've done it both ways, and leaned to be as smooth as I can when applying the L&L Resin/sawdust compound.

Come back if you have more questions. And very glad you were happy with the CPES!