The Rot Doctor


Subject: leaking centerboard trunk
Date: Fri, 05 Mar 1999

I have a 14' wooden Bluejay in excellent condition except for small leaks along the seams at the bottom of the centerboard trunk. Can you recommend the best method to cure the problem? I was planning to use a low viscosity epoxy applied with a thin roller inside the trunk.

Thanks for your help.

Bluejays! I remember sailing those -- until I got too big and would almost capsize them trying to get aboard. Fun boats.

Your plan sounds just fine. Make sure the wood is dry. Apply a couple of coats of CPES first, allowing a couple of days between coatings, and then go back with a final coating of a thinned epoxy resin such as Glovit. The CPES will penetrate better than any other epoxy you can buy, and the Glovit will bond with the CPES-treated wood. My guess is just one of our 2-pint units of CPES should be plenty. If working below 50 F temp use our Cold Weather formula.

Should do the job for you.