The Rot Doctor


Subject: Coverage, using the 2 qt. pkg. of CPES
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999

Hello, Just a little info I'm needing about your products. On the 2 qt. pkg. of CPES, how much coverage can you expect out of it if I'm brushing onto bare Mahogany, before I stain and varnish, keeping in mind this is a 27 ft. boat and will only be covering the foot rails and sides of the upper deck and transom. If this is not enough info. please let me know. Thanking you in advance.
Andy H. "Classic Ann"

First, an important point: Stain BEFORE you apply the CPES. The CPES will lock the stain into the wood. Trying to stain AFTER applying CPES will not work well. When choosing a stain, try and find a water-based stain. Others will work, but the water-based stains work best. After the CPES, you can varnish, using full strength varnish. The CPES acts as a prime coat for the varnish.

Now, can expect 200-300 sq ft per gallon coverage for CPES applied to good wood. For 2 quarts, that would be about 100 to 150 sq ft. Use a ruler and kind of figure it out. It's a bit variable because much depends on the porosity of the wood. If it isn't enough we can always ship you another container. We ship the same day the product is ordered.

Come back if you have additional questions.