The Rot Doctor


Subject: Bow Eye Repair (Part 2)
Date: 19 Apr 99

I just wanted to let you know that my bow eye repair is complete, and came out fine. I had to grind out all the wood (from the inside, leaving the external hull intact, as there was little damage there) at the "U" bolt to remove all the rot. After drying the wood out for about a week with a drop lite, I applied CPES to all the remaining exposed wood to past saturation . I let it cure for a couple days, then faired the surfaces with epoxy putty.

After the putty set for a full day, I laid in fibre glass mat, with material purchased locally and your lay up resin and let it cure for a day. then I laid in woven roving with the same resin and let it cure for a day as well.

Then I set a 2"x 6"x 3/8" aluminum flat bar, faired in epoxy puttty, and let that set for a day.

Finally I drilled through the whole repair, and set the bow eye, tighening to 90 percent, bedded with Marine sealer, that I let cure for a day, after which I tightened to 100 percent.

I like your stuff, very easy to work with, and very good results.