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Subject: core separation with some moisture
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999


I will be doing some repairs to my 1978 Tayana 37's deck come this fall and winter. I believe I will have a mixture of problems, including: top fiberglass skin separated from balsa core over 50 -60% of the deck. Some areas are wet, some may be dry, and some may be saturated. I don't think (I hope) any core is completely rotten because the deck is not soft or mushy under foot.

I think I understand the different uses of your products, but I was wondering how to go about drilling the deck and some other things.

1. What size holes should I drill and how far apart?

About 1/4" and staggered every 5-7 inches.

2. I understand I should leave as much old balsa as possible, but how do I tell if it HAS to be removed?

You can't, really. and that is the disadvantage of the drill and fill method. You need to know that what you are going to treat is reasonably dry, and then just apply the CPES. You can follow with our L&L Resin for fill if required -- if the balsa is there it won't fill and if the balsa is gone it will fill. You should use our resin, because it is very slow setting and will allow the penetration of the area you are treating.

3. What size area do you recommend doing at one time? Considerations are pot life, area that can be dried at one time, environment etc. I have to work outside and am concerned about the core getting wet from rain etc.

You'll need to tarp overhead to keep weather off. I would do a complete panel area, such as the fore deck, or side deck, etc.

Ray S.

You know, Ray, an alternative would be to cut large panels out, put them aside, tear out all the old balsa, treat what you can't get at with the CPES, and then put new poly-core in its place. Then put the panels back in place and use our Epoxy Filler to secure them. The poly core will never rot and you'll be able to see what you are doing.

Come back if we can answer more questions.

The Rot Doctor