The Rot Doctor


Subject: Glass hull/core repair (Part 1)
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999


I'm in awe that I found your site. I very recently acquired an old Yellow Jacket glass runabout from somewhere in the late 50's. The hull is not spongy soft but does flex a lot and is showing some cracking. I knew this when I got the boat but the trailer alone was worth the price. I thought I would either be able to repair this classic or scrap it and use the trailer and motor. I would really like to repair this boat, they don't make lines like this any more and I really enjoy the looks I get at the slip when I fire up that old Johnson.

Ok where do I start? Do I explore the core from the inside or the out?
Then what?


Paul C.


Ah, a hunter for good bargains, are you? Well, they can often be made to work out.

Before I give you an answer, give me a little more info about the boat. I take it it has a glass outer shell. What on the inside? Glass liner, with ???? between the liner and the hull? Or is there just wood on the inside, to which the outside glass is fastened? On the wood you can see, how rotten is it?

How about deck and flooring? What's that like?

Get back with some more details and I'll try and give you some good answers.