The Rot Doctor


Subject: Glass hull/core repair (Part 6)
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999


Work is proceeding nicely on my Yellow Jacket. I hope to be installing the new core next week. Now I'm starting to think and plan the rest of this project. I want to seal the hull so that I might not have done this work in vain. After filling some dings and the keel area where the boat has rubbed against the trailer and or been beached would CPES work to seal the old chalky gel coat, followed by polyurethane paint?



Sure. Get some coarse rubbing compound (not the stuff in a wax base) or some fine bronze wool and scrub down the gel-coat area to be repaired. Then take a Q-Tip and apply CPES to the area to seal it off and lock things in. Give the CPES a day to cure out and then smooth off with our Epoxy Filler (if necessary). Polyurethane paint is just fine. Select your paint and then follow the paint-manufacturer's direction for glass hulls. Polyurethane paint will stick to CPES very well indeed.

Sounds like a good plan. Send us a picture of the boat when you're finished. We'd love to see it!