The Rot Doctor


Subject: 1962 Matthews (deck problems)
Date: Thu, 09 Dec 1999

Hi Doc,

M S. here again. My boat is coming along. I need your help again. My forward deck is teak, but, someone put a sheet of plywood on the port side and fiberglassed over it, then they put some sort of non skid paint on it. I have started to take this paint off with a heat gun, but, I'm afraid I can't save the teak. What kind of product should I use to cover this deck now. I was told to use plain enamel paint. Will this seal the deck from leaking?

If you can get the paint to stick to whatever you are putting it onto (teak, plywood, etc.) It will seal the deck. If the deck is just teak planks, and they swell and shrink, you could have a problem with the paint cracking. What are you planning on putting the paint on? Teak planks? Plywood? As you know using CPES as a primer will help any paint to adhere better.


By the way, I think your products are brilliant. My husband was quite leery at first, but now he is a believer. Your Fill-it Epoxy Filler is much better than the West product. My husband had to try both and yours was the winner. We used your Layup & Laminating Epoxy Resin to add a support beam in the front berth. It works!

Thanks for your help in helping us save our old boat. She should be back in the water soon. We hope to spend the Millennium on her.

Thanks again,