The Rot Doctor


Subject: Re: cal 36
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000

With reference to your comment about the wooden Cal 36, they do exist ! They are known as the Lapworth 36, all built around the same era.,1956. We own Winsome 3, a famous race winner of the west coast SwiftSure race. They were the predecessor to the Cal, designed by Bill Lapworth, J Taylors yard built a few of them here in Vancouver, British Colombia.
Saragasso is another enjoying fame fortune and great race results in Seattle currently. Unlike the Cals they have a keel hung rudder. There does not unfortunately appear to be a club or an enormous amount of information about them despite the fact that there are still a fair amount in existence and they still remain competitive with the local racing and cruising yachts of their size today....I should imagine their rating has a fair amount to do with that.
Should you have any more enquiries about the 3Cal 362 or the Lapworth perhaps you would be kind enough to pass on our Email address.

Thanks for the info. I'll have it posted so others can benefit as well.