The Rot Doctor


Subject: CPES (as teak primer)
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000


I'm refinishing the inside of my Grand Banks. I'm stripping all interior teak down to bare wood. I've purchased some of your CPES and want to put it on all interior teak before varnishing. I have a couple questions for you...

1.) After using CPES on the bare teak, do I need to further prep the wood before applying the first coat of varnish?

No. Apply your varnish 1-2 days after the CPES.

2.) Is there any blush on the wood after applying CPES?

CPES has been carefully formulated to reduce amine blush to the point that it does not effect the bond. There is no prep needed (not even sanding) before applying the varnish.

3.) As with most varnish, the manufacturer recommends two or three thinned coats of varnish (first 25%, second 15%, third 10% for example) before building up additional coats thinned 0-5%. Since CPES seals the wood, and really isn't going to allow the varnish to penetrate the wood anyway, is it still necessary to apply the first two or three thinned coats or can I start with coats thinned 0-5%?



One coat of CPES performs the function of all three primer coats. Apply the CPES, 1-2 days later start varnishing full strength. If you are planning on staining the wood, do so first, preferably with a water based stain, then CPES and varnish after the stain dries.


The Rot Doctor