The Rot Doctor


Subject: your product(s)
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000

Hi, a boating friend of mine said he used your product to seal his wooden boat problems. I have some minor problems. My cabin has one side where water has leaked in at the portholes. I want to remove the portholes fix the wood and replace them in good sealant. Could you send me a brochure on your product. I may be able to seal the wood instead of hacking out and replacing it.

Mark S.



We will mail a packet of info and tech sheets.

You should be able to seal effectively with our products, starting with the application of the CPES (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer). What you use after that -- if anything -- will depend on the condition of the wood.

When you re-caulk to re-install the ports, be sure to use a premium caulking material -- no silicones. We can suggest 3-M's 4200, which is a polyurethane based product and adheres very well indeed to wood treated with our products.

We also suggest that when you tighten down the ports against the caulk that you tighten to about 90%, allow the caulk to cure (24 hours is fine) and then go back and tighten down the remaining 10%. This makes the caulking material work somewhat like an O-ring and gives you superior long-term sealing.