The Rot Doctor


Subject: deck (bubbles under canvas)
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2000

Hey doc, Capt. Bill here. Got a question for ya. On my boat there's a canvas covered deck. I'm noticing alot of bubbles the owner before me didn't put it down correctly. I was thinking of cutting that out, cleaning the deck up and treating it with c.p.e.s., then prime it and paint it with a sand or gritty marine paint. Or should I try and repair canvas? I know that the bubbles mean I got moisture under it so I want to jump on that right away. I'll attack the bottom of the boat next.
Thanks, Capt. Bill

Hey Cap,

Yeah, the canvas covered decks were okay for their day but are subject to just the kind of problem you're experiencing. Our recommendation would be to follow your plan: Strip the canvas, sand and clean the wood surface, saturate it with CPES, and then apply several coats of a one-part polyurethane marine-grade paint. You can add the sand or whatever to the final coat. The CPES will give the wood significant protection and the polyurethane paints bond very well indeed to CPES-treated wood. You're right -- you definitely want to get at it before the wood starts to deteriorate.