The Rot Doctor


Subject: tropical hardwood epoxy (boat building)
Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2000

Hi Rot doctor,

I'm building an okume over iroko catboat with a white oak backbone.


Would you use you "Tropical Hardwood Epoxy adhesive" in joining the members of the backbone e.g.

a) keel to shaft log or stem to gripe and the whole kit and caboodle to the keelson OR

b) CPES the member and then bed in something like 5200?

Thank you,
Tim D.


5200 is good stuff but will have nowhere near the strength or endurance of a premium epoxy. I would suggest this: Use the THEA (easy to work with and super-strong, and good to use if you're working at temps above 50F) or (if working below 50F temps) use the All Wood Epoxy Glue. Secure the wood first with the adhesive, wait 48 hours for cure-time, and THEN go back and treat all surfaces with the CPES, including all glue/adhesive seams.

The reason for waiting for the CPES application is that you are giving the THEA or the AWG maximum grip on the wood. The later application of the CPES will give it good protection.

I personally would glue everything to everything, in addition to any fasteners. If you pilot-drill for a fastener, after drilling and before fastener installation, take a little CPES and dab it into the hole. You can put the fastener in immediately. This will give you good protection down the road.

White oak can be a problem for some epoxy adhesives, but not ours. Other than having a clean surface, no special wood prep is necessary.

Come on back if you have additional questions.