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Subject: Products / Tips
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2000

I found your site by accident and am very interested in your products. I have just ordered the CPES product and am going to try it on a fiberglass cabin top de-lamination. If it works as advertised, I believe that I will have more uses for it.

A lot will depend here on how severe the lamination is. CPES will act as an adhesive, but because it is very thin several coatings may be required. If the delamination is really bad, you may want to consider following the CPES with our Layup & Laminating Resin, which is very slow-setting, thins as it cures and penetrates deeply.

I have a problem with the rudder on my boat. It is full of water and I would like to drain it and inject it with resin when I haul out in Nov. Has your product been used on a rudder application? Given the size and considering that it is vertical, would you recommend the CPES or the heavier lay up resin? Your comments on this would be appreciated.

My suggestion here would be to fill the rudder with a mix of our Layup & Laminating Resin and sawdust. This mix is EXTREMELY strong, and if the sawdust is coarse enough it reduces the amount of L&L Resin you will require. You'll end up with a bullet-proof rudder, I can assure you.

I have enjoyed reading the various tips and procedures listed at your site.
I have a few tips to offer if you would be interested in adding them.
1. I have found that a small laminate trimming router with a carbide bit, works well for removing a section of deck covering. I make a template from Masonite and use a guide collar on the router base. This gives a neat panel cutout and provides rounded corners which are very important to prevent future cracks from developing and running. Also the depth of cut is easily controlled.
2. When drilling holes for injection, I use a piece of peg board as a template. This provides equally spaced holes and saves a lot of time measuring and marking. I think it will help have a more even distribution of the resin also.

I am looking forward to trying your products.

Bill C.


Thanks for the tips...we'll post them for others to benefit by. And come on back yourself if you have more tips, comments or questions.