The Rot Doctor


Subject: Teak Refinishing
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000

I am currently refinishing the teak on a 1982 fiberglass Robalo using Sikkens Cetol light for teak. Is this product compatible with CPES. Also should all sides be refinished or just the side exposed to weather. This applies to some compartment hatches, live well hatch, doors at the center console etc.

The Sikkens products are not compatible with CPES. They are oil based and if applied first will inhibit the penetration of CPES. And, conversely, the CPES will inhibit the penetration of the Cetol Light.

CPES is used on teak as a base protective coat and final-finish enhancer. Varnish is required over the CPES because like all epoxies CPES will be degraded by UV light. CPES will increase the life of varnish by a considerable margin.