The Rot Doctor


Subject: CPES (over caulk) question
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2002

I have been using your product for over a year, and am highly satisfied.

I started to scan the Q&A page, and read about 10 sections...BUT haven't seen my question yet. Real quickly:

Installing new transom framing....intend to apply CPES....question: Can CPES be applied to the wood, in the area where bedding compound is to be applied for bottom planks,transom planks etc. (sika-flex-probably, or dolfinite)...or should that area be left untreated (raw), for better bedding adhesion?



Our testing shows that all the standard marine bedding compounds bond quite tightly to CPES-treated wood. There is no problem, so you can treat the entire piece with CPES before bedding. Just give it at least few hours (or longer) to vent off the carrier solvents.

Avoid the use of any compound containing a silicone! Silicones contaminate wood and are almost impossible to remove except by sanding away the contaminated wood. Polysulfides or polyurethanes are much preferred.

And come on back if you have further questions.