The Rot Doctor


Subject: Re-Application? (of CPES)
Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002

Dear Doctor,

Two years I rebuilt my 1093 Supra ski boat and applied CPES to the stringers to stop the rot. After two boating seasons, the fiberglass covering has not cracked, which tells me the stringers are still strong.

My question is this... is there any reason I should apply a new application of CPES? Does it weaken over time?

Thanks for selling a product that does everything you claim!

Please advise...

ron b.


CPES is a one-time application to any given area. The active ingredient in CPES is a premium wood-derived epoxy, and once in/on the wood it stays there indefinitely. Your wood is protected.

Thanks for your kind words and have a fun boating season!