The Rot Doctor


Subject: Rhino Top (onto 'glass decks)
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002

It seems that this product would make a good non-skid for decks. But your information doesn't mention the possibility of application over painted fiberglass decks. Will the product adhere and will it provide a non-skid surface?


Tony M.


It will adhere to fiberglass if the glass is "scuffed" and primed with CPES, and the RHINO TOP is applied within about 1-3 days after the CPES application. We chose not to get into this because the Elasta-Tuff™ 6000-AL-HS adheres to fiberglass so much better, and we believe -- even though the Elasta-Tuff™ 6000-AL-HS is more expensive -- that it is the better choice.

If sand is broadcast into the first coat of Elasta-Tuff™ 6000-AL-HS while it is still wet or tacky, and then the excess broomed or vacuumed away before the second coat of Elasta-Tuff™ 6000-AL-HS, and the second coat is applied over the sand it makes a perfect non-skid deck for a glass boat. Very tough, totally waterproof, and very good traction without sharp edges. We've tested it, and its very nice.

With Elasta-Tuff™ 6000-AL-HS the glass does not need the CPES primer, as long as its clean and pre-wiped with something like lacquer thinner. Scuffing it helps too, although not absolutely required.

Come on back if you have additional questions.