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Subject: teak deck repair on 36 ft. Marine trader
Date: Fri, 03 May 2002

We plan to cover our teak decks with one of your new poly coatings (probably Elastuff). The teak, fiberglass and ply all seem to be in decent condition. Teak about 3/8 inch thick. We do have evidence of one leak in aft cabin just under deck but more than likely there are other water seepages. every thing still seems to be solid though. Is this an appropriate solution?

Yes, probably the best and most permanent coating(s) you could apply to your decks. Having had boats with teak decks, I understand your problem EXACTLY!

We are not into continued care of teak decks. We would rather be dry. We will try to inject CPES into every crack prior to the covering with Elastuff and finishing off with either Rhino top or Uniflex*.

Right. Preparation of the decks is very important. Before the application of the CPES, the decks should be thoroughly brush-scrubbed with TSP and warm water, and then flushed clean with just water. They should be allowed to dry (for a few days, if possible), and then treated with the CPES. I don't think you'll need to do much injecting, as the very thin CPES will flow wherever the water flowed. After anywhere from about 6 to 24 hours the first coating of the polyurethane should be applied, and then within 24 hours or less the second coating applied...and so forth. This will give you your best bonding.

Here's an extra question...Could we get by with just the Uniflex* with say 2 or 3 coats?

Yes, you can use just the UNIFLEX 255* over the decks. What you get with the ELASTUFF 120 is a thicker, more "impact-resistant" deck, but I have to tell you the ELASTUFF 120 is messy stuff to handle and has to go down quickly. The UNIFLEX 255* is easier to put down, more like a thick paint. Two generous coats or three thinner coats would work. It would totally waterproof your deck. Generally speaking, if the wear and tear on your deck is fairly normal then I would probably just use the UNIFLEX 255*. It cures to a semi-gloss finish, and sand can be added if you want non-skid. If, on the other hand, your decks are subject to a lot of chair use and dropped anchors, you may want to consider the base coating of the ELASTUFF 120.

Please respond with your thoughts. Much appreciated. Great site. I've learned a lot just reading other Q/As.

Dave in Mississippi.


Hope this has been of some help, and feel free to come back if you have additional questions.


* Since Uniflex 255 Aliphatic is no longer available, we suggest our Elasta-Tuff™ 6000-AL-HS instead.