The Rot Doctor


Subject: CPES Maximum temperature/oil in wood
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2002


My name is Jon from Tempe Arizona. I am restoring a 1966, plywood constructed, 24 foot Campbell. I have chosen CPES to repair the rot, and stabilize the rest of the wood. I have two questions regarding your product.

First, it was 112 degrees here today, and the humidity is very low. What is the highest recommended temperature for CPES application, and what would be the pot life?

Your pot life would be about 30 to 45 minutes before the product started to skin over. Not really a problem if you get the CPES down right away, since once applied to the surface all the penetrating happens within about 5-10 minutes. You would just not mix a lot at one time. It would also help if you could do this in the morning, when temperatures are perhaps a little lower.

Second, the inside of the hull has large areas where oil has soaked into the bottom, both the plywood, and stringer. Enough that midday in the sun it will begin to leach back out in droplets on the wood surface. I am working on removing as much as I can. What effect if any will this have on the performance of the CPES?

Brush-scrub the wood thoroughly at mid day with TSP (trisodium phosphate) and warm water. You might do this a couple of times. Allow the wood to dry, and then apply the CPES. To answer your question directly, wood that is SOAKED in oil will not receive CPES readily, but if a lot of the oil has been cleaned away and the wood allowed to dry, then it will accept the CPES.

Thanks for the help. Look forward to working with you, and your products.



Good questions! Feel free to come on back if you have more.