The Rot Doctor


Subject: Sail Boat Repairs
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002

I have a "Tucker 23" sail boat , built in 1980, of strip-planked Iroko and Afrormosa. Unfortunately, because of a year spent ashore the plank joints have opened up. I've been advised to rake out the joints with an old hacksaw blade and trowel in some epoxy resin thickened with silica. It was further suggested that I should then sheath the hull with epoxy and glass cloth. This seems a bit of an "overkill" to me, what's your advice and what products from your range would you suggest?


Ken T.


I, like you, think that sheathing with fiberglass is overkill. It adds weight to the hull, and it is very hard to get it to stay well. As long as things are not in real bad shape, I would stick with the rake and fill method. Our Tropical Hardwood Epoxy Resin mixed with the thickener of your choice would be the product of ours that I would recommend. If the hull has major problems, or you have other questions, please let me know.