The Rot Doctor


Subject: Deck Replacement
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 2003

Hello Doc,

It's been since August when I wrote last about putting a new deck on a 1975 Hans Christian 36' cutter. Deck project is progressing but the winter is slowing us down.

Removed all teak planks.

Cut away de-laminated glass and removed severely rotted/de-laminated plywood. Measured and cut patches from 3/4" marine ply and treated them with CPES. Treated all exposed wood of original deck that was sound/ near sound and saved.

Routed 3/8" rabbet at joint of patch and old deck; made "seam battens" where rabbet couldn't be done.

Treated the 2x2 deck beams that the patches will be attached to.


You recommended All Wood Glue to use as an adhesive to put the patches in place. Would you use SS deck screws, SB deck screws, ring nails, or some other fastener to snug 'em down and augment the glue?

Staples, nails or screws are commonly used to hold things in place while the glues cures. Once cured, the glue is stronger than any screws or other fasteners. If you can clamp or otherwise hold the wood in place while it cures, there is no need for any fasteners, but it is often easiest to use some type of fastener. Since you only need it to hold while the glue sets, the cheapest fastener that won't corrode later would be what I would choose.

After getting the patches in and the seams filled with Epoxy Filler and the deck fair, the next step is a topdeck. Planning on a CPES treated plywood deck-- finished with one of your topcoat products. Now and again I toy with the idea of putting some hi tech, looks-like-teak-plank decking back on top. God awful expensive but sure looks good and feels good under the dogs. Are there any laminates or teak decking systems that are really worth the $$$ and that will hold up sailing from here to there over the 10 years.

There are some nice looking high-tech products out there, unfortunately I do not have enough experience with them to give you any kind of indication as to their longevity. Sorry. Good luck with the rest of the project, and let me know if there is anything else that I can help with.

Advise when able.

John M.