The Rot Doctor


Date: Sat, 05 Apr 2003
Subject: Uniflex* For Stitch And Glue Boat

I need to paint a newly constructed plywood stitch and glue boat. The plywood is saturated with west systems epoxy. The boat will spend all summer tied to a dingy dock. I'd like to paint below the water line prior to applying an antifouling paint. Will Uniflex 255* work? I've used this product for a wooden staircase and it seems to hold up there.


UNIFLEX 255* will work just fine for your application, and will add abrasion protection and waterproofness to your boat's bottom. If the epoxied surface is slick, it should be scuffed and wiped down with a little lacquer thinner prior to the application of the UNIFLEX 255*.

And feel free to come on back if you have additional questions.


* Since Uniflex 255 Aliphatic is no longer available, we suggest our Elasta-Tuff™ 6000-AL-HS instead.