Rot Doctor


Subject: Wooden (water)ski refinishing
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003

I have got a wonderful Taperflex wooden ski that needs to be refinished. It has a minor bit of wood rot but is in generally good shape. Would your products be useful in my endeavor to refinish my ski? I looked on your website but saw nothing pertaining to repair and refinishing of wood waterskis.


Sure, you can preserve and refinish your water ski with our CPES.

Assuming that the wood deterioration is not severe, the CPES will stop the deterioration and harden the wood. The area can then be re-coated.

To completely refinish the skis, we suggest removing all finish down to bare wood, and then applying a coat of the CPES to the entire surface, allowing the wood to absorb all the CPES that it will. The CPES can be followed as soon as the surface is tacky with the first coat of a final clear coating, which can be a marine-grade varnish (for good UV protection) or any clear polyurethane coating if you do not consider the UV protection necessary. The final clear coating should be applied full strength (don’t cut or dilute) and should be applied within 12 hours for the best bond between the coatings.

Pretty simple, really…all the hard work is getting the skis down to bare wood.

Come on back if you have additional questions.