The Rot Doctor


Subject: plywood delamination
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004

I have a plywood boat that has developed a bulge below the water line, what type of fix using your products would be acceptable? Pictures are below. The bulge is about a foot long.

Thanks for the pictures...very helpful.

Here's what we recommend that you do:

1) Take a circular saw and cut a shallow slit the length of the bulge.

2) With a brush, swab or small injection device (such as our CPES Injection Kit), squirt the inside of the bulge area thoroughly with our CPES (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer). The CPES will penetrate deeply into the marginal areas, seal, and prevent the possibility of rot or wood deterioration developing. It will also help prevent any further plywood delamination.

3) Wait for 4-5 days for the CPES to gas-off the carrier solvents.

4) Devise a clamping or bracing device, and then using a swab (long narrow brush, rag wrapped around a tongue depressor, or something similar) swab the inside of the bulged area with our Layup & Laminating Resin. Get the resin on both surfaces, as best you can.

5) Brace or clamp the bulged area shut for 48 hours (or longer).

6) If after the bracing is removed, grind down any ridges or high spots with an orbital sander and coarse (eg, 70-grit) sandpaper.

7) Fill slit-cut and any other low spots with our Fill-It Epoxy Filler.

8) Sand surface smooth, and treat all bare spots once again with the CPES.

9) Re-paint.

Based on this procedure, you will need the smallest quantities of our products:

One 2-pint unit of the CPES (item #101)

One 12 oz unit of our Fill-It Epoxy Filler (item #207)

One 12 oz unit of our Layup & Laminating Resin (item #310)

(OPTIONAL) CPES Injection Kit (item #107)

You can order via phone 206 364 2155, or our secure on-line ordering form:

We ship from warehouses on both coasts, so shipping time is rarely more than 3 days, and often less.

And feel free to come back if you have additional questions.