The Rot Doctor


Subject: rot in transom
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005

Dr Rot,

The transom in my velocity boat has some rot around the thru hull exhausts. I was thinking of removing the exhausts and digging out the wet wood as deep as it is rotten, then let it totally dry using either heat or just waiting.

My questions is what do I use to fill the void? The cavity thats left from removing wood is maybe as deep as 6-8 inches on the outside 2 exhausts. The 2 inside shouldn't be that bad, but it's probably 1 to 1-1/2 inches thick. Which of your products would I want and in what order? Also If I'm off track with my thinking what's your suggestion?



No, your thinking is right on track. After the exhausts are removed, dig out the bad wood and then dry the area. This is most quickly done with moving air, from a compressor, shop-vac, or even a hair dryer propped into position. After the wood is reasonably dry, saturate it all with our CPES (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer). Let the wood absorb all of the CPES that it will. The CPES will eliminate the rot fungi problem and it will harden any soft wood that remains.

Wait for about a week.

Next come back and using our Fill-It Epoxy Filler start packing the vacant areas. I would suggest doing this in stages, that is, get your first layer in there, making sure that it is packed up against the wood. You can use anything from a narrow putty knife to tongue depressors to pack the Fill-It. Allow it to cure (24 hours), and then come back in with the next Fill-It application. And so-forth until the area is filled. After it cures, the Fill-It can be sanded or filed to knock off rough edges. We do have some re-usable caulking tubes which can be used to pump in the Fill-It if you think you need them.

These products bond together chemically, producing a structurally sound repair.