The Rot Doctor


Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006


I have a 17' plywood runabout that I have stripped to bare wood. Didn't find much rot (lucky I guess). I have some questions regarding the process in restoring the boat for use. I'd like to seal the outside of the hull with your CPES product, then glass the bottom and maybe the sides. My questions; how much CPES should I order for the boat's hull (outside), do I fair the hull before or after the glass goes on, also which of your products would you recommend if I have the process all wrong? I'm new to this and would like to do it correctly the first time.

My in-laws have a 42' Matthews and they rave about your products. They directed me to your site.


Rick B.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Well, three-cheers for your in-laws! Thank them for us.

To see the protection that CPES gives plywood, here is our website link to our latest test results:

The coverage for CPES will be about 175-200 sq ft per gallon, applied generously. I'll let you do the math on figuring the amount. Be sure and allow it to run generously into all seams. Give it a day (or longer) before applying any additional coatings.

Once you start with an epoxy, your long-term interests will be best served by staying with epoxies (or polyurethanes) other words, any fiberglassing would be done with an epoxy resin, such as our Layup & Laminating Resin. Coverage for the resin will depend on the thickness of the fiberglass cloth used, and the number of layers applied. One gallon of L & L Resin will wet out 10 square yards of 6 ounce cloth. Or 6.5 square yards of 10 ounce cloth.

Our Layup & Laminating Resin does not "blush", has a long pot life, and can be used in temperatures right down to freezing.

The hull should be faired before the glass goes on. After the epoxy glassing resin has cured, only a very light sanding should be used to give the surface some "tooth". If you want to make the surface smoother, then a hi-build primer should be used over the glass, sanded smooth, and then the final coating applied.

I hope this is some help. Feel free to come back if you have additional questions. Shipping time to Baton Rouge from our South Carolina warehouse is two business days.