The Rot Doctor


Subject: Uniflex 255* non skid
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007

I am applying your Uniflex 255* product to a older fiberglass boat deck and wish to have some areas made non skid. What non skid products can I use with it and how would you suggest I apply it?

John C


For an aggressive grip, use a medium-grade silica sand. There are two ways that we normally apply it. The first way is to sprinkle the sand on top of the second to last coat while it is still wet, and then paint over this with the last coat once the sand coat is dry. The second way is to mix the sand into the last coat so that it gets applied with the final coat. Either way can be used, but if you mix the sand in with the last coat, make sure that you stir regularly so that the sand doesn't settle to the bottom. If you sprinkle onto a wet second-to-last coat, make sure you spread the mixture evenly.

Some people do not like the aggressive grip of sand, especially on bare feet. For "softer" materials than sand, you can mix in cork non-skid material, pumice, ground walnut shells, ground rubber, etc. These materials have less grip than sand, but are easier on bare feet. Generally speaking, the final properties of the non-skid will depend on the coarseness or fineness of the aggregate as well as the material itself. These materials are applied the same way as the sand.

Feel free to come back if you have additional questions.


* Since Uniflex 255 Aliphatic is no longer available, we suggest our Elasta-Tuff™ 6000-AL-HS instead.