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Subject: Teak deck leaks, 1 year solution…
Date: Wed, 2 May 2018

Bought an old trawler with aft cabin. The teak deck on top of the cabin leaks, depending on weather the water may come out of several different places. Was recaulked at some point but I can see it pulling away, so probably cheap one part caulk. Ultimately I’ll cut the deck off, re-deck and epoxy (plywood underneath is shot). But because of other projects it isn’t going to happen this summer. Wanted your opinion on painting over with an elastomeric product, either yours or maybe even RV roof paint, just as a one year solution to stop the deluge.



Several coats of a roof paint should gain you one year. The use of an elastomeric product, such as our Elasta-Tuff 6000 — applied properly — will gain you 15–20 years.

Feel free to come back if you have additional questions. If you wish to order you can do so via phone 206 364 2155 or our secure on-line order form on We do not charge “handling” charges. We have warehouses on both coasts so shipping time is three to four days or less via UPS Ground to almost any point in the continental US.


Date: Wed, May 2, 2018

Teak Deck Bare

Thanks for the response. If going the elastuff route, what do you recommend for prep? It’s teak with caulk in between, is it going to bond and not crack? Would I same first? Photo of the problem area attached.


Prep would be:

  1. Scrub-down deck with TSP and water
  2. Allow wood to dry.
  3. Treat wood with our CPES. Any CPES leaking down into the plywood would strengthen the ply.
  4. Wait for a couple of days or longer.
  5. Treat with CPES again.
  6. Wait for 3–4 days.
  7. Apply the first coat of the Elasta-Tuff 6000
  8. Apply 2nd coat of Elasta-Tuff as soon as first coat can be walked on.

For aesthetic reasons, you may want to fill seams or cracks with our Dymonic 100 poly caulk after the CPES application cycle is completed. The Elasta-Tuff will seal the cracks well enough, but it won’t necessarily fill it to level.


Date: Thur, July 5, 2018


I had coated the decks (simple plywood) and cockpit on my old boat about 12 years ago (confirmed purchase from 2005) with similar products that you were selling at the time. I believe that I used the Elastuff 120 as the 1st coat and a solvent based version of the Elasta-Tuff 6000. I’m kinda inclined to use the Elastuff 120 again in this application because it was so good at covering and sealing cracks. Is that overkill? On this boat the decks are teak strips with caulk in between, very typical. The caulk has split from the teak and is allowing water to penetrate to the plywood below. I just want to make sure and fill as much gaps as possible.

I’m in Seattle, we’re obviously coming up on the time of year where this outside work will be practical. I want to make sure you have the Elast-Tuff 6000 available in Monterey color with the sand (gallons), the two gallon kits of CPES and the Elastuff 120 two gallon kits in stock. In the past I just picked up from your house in North Seattle* to avoid shipping, is that still okay?



We have multiple gallons of each of the CPES, Elasta-Tuff 6000 in Monterey Sand, and 2-gallon units of the Elastuff 120 in stock at our Seattle location*. And yes, you can certainly stop by to pick these up at the same North Seattle* location as you did before. We would appreciate a call beforehand though so that the order can be prepared. If you are wanting large quantities it helps to call in advance so that we can have it all pulled and ready to go for you, but not necessary.


Date: Tue, August 28, 2018

I finished coating the decks, I can provide some photos if they’re of any use to you guys. Turned out really well. I have one gallon of unopened elasta-tuff in Monterey sand I would like to exchange for white if possible. I’m going to use it on some of the vertical white surfaces.


Hi Jarred,

We love photo’s and comments… don’t seem to get them as often anymore as we used to.

We can do an exchange for you on the Elasta-Tuff from Monterey Sand to White, no problem. We are still here Mon–Fri 8:30am to 5:30pm.*

*Please call or email for address, office hours and current stock on hand.

Great! I’ll stop by tomorrow in the morning for exchange. Some photos attached, just the aft deck as the forward and side decks pretty much look the same. The teak had high spots so I sanded it first with 60 grit, then 2 coats CPES, one thick coat of elastuff spread on with a squeegee, two coats of elasta-tuff, then two coats of elasta-tuff with sand.

Click to enlarge

Teak Deck with non-skid Teak Deck with CPES
Teak Deck with Elastuff 120
Teak Deck with Elasta-Tuff 6000