Rot Doctor


Subject: Bristol 2 part finish on top of CPES
Date: Monday, March 30, 2020

I used CPES on new teak. I cleaned the teak with acetone. And let it dry. I put the Bristol on within 8 hours. IT Lasted about 6 months. The Bristol is blistering and failing in general. I live in Portland Or. I did this in my shop with outside temp normal for July. I was hoping to have a while before I had to do this again, I must have done something to cause the Bristol to lift. Any ideas??



If moisture causes the failure, the failure is localized to the point of intrusion. If it is age failure, the failure is more widespread.

I like to figure out the cause of the failure, so that I can address the issue, and hopefully prevent the problem from returning. To that end, let me ask you some questions.


With so many questions, there was a discussion over the phone.

Thanks for the help on the phone. I appreciate the personal service that you provide. Ted

Note: after discussing things on the phone, the most likely culprit was excessive solvents during the cure of the Bristol Finish. Likely a combination of leftover acetone and applying the top coat before enough of the solvents had gassed off. 24 hours is usually the optimal time between application of the penetrating epoxy and top coat.

While the discussion was about the use of CPES, the same would be true about the S-1 Sealer.