The Rot Doctor


Subject: log rot
Date: Sun, 02 Aug 1998

Dr. Rot,
I have a log with rotten end close to the notch, rot caused due to water. I"m looking for a product to repair and make the log structurally sound. This is a spruce log very dry wood. Any assistance would be helpful.

Bill D.


Not a big problem, especially since the wood is dry. Drill some access holes along the top edge of the rotten area, and then a few more near the middle, and then start injecting our Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer (CPES). You apply all the wood will accept. It's very slow setting so gravity will pull it down into the main mass of the log. Still, make the application again in the middle holes.

Allow about a week for the carrier solvents to evaporate away and the epoxy to cure. The wood will get hard and solid. Make the same CPES application to the surface and the rotted area and into any holes or cracks nearby. The holes/cracks can be filled with a mixture of our Layup & Laminating Resin (very slow setting) and sawdust. This will bond molecularly with the CPES and give you wood that will never again rot. The log will be structurally sound.

How much CPES you need depends on the size of the rotted area and the absorbency of the wood. The L&L Resin is easier to estimate based on volume CPES is a Hazardous Material and has to be shipped to AK via Barge, UPS or FedEx. See our shipping information page for more information.

I'd suggest, if you're interested, in the 2-gallon unit, unless your rotted area is large, or you suspect the rot may run down the interior of the log, in which case more might be needed. How much the wood will accept can sometimes surprise you. We always have stock and ship same day as order.

Come back if you have more questions.