The Rot Doctor


Subject: early rot in log ends
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 1999

dear dr rot

we have recently purchased a log home that was built in 1981. the actual logs in the home are in good repair. the problem is in the balcony logs which are standing vertically up on their ends. This leaves the top end of the log exposed to the weather. unfortunately these ends have been unprotected and the water and snow sits on the ends and has caused a deterioration or dry rot that is extending some 5 - 6 inches into the logs. as these logs are 12 - 16 inches in diameter, we are obviously not anxious to change them.

any suggestions? if so, are there any canadian outlets for your products?


When the weather gets good and the log ends are dry, soak them in our CPES (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer). Allow the log ends to accept all the CPES they will take. Gravity and wicking will pull the CPES deep into the log. That will restore strength to the wood, and help resist future rot problems on the logs. You can also put a coat of CPES on the outside of the logs. If you tell us how many of these logs you have we can give you an estimate of how CPES you will need.

No, we do not have any Canadian distributors. Getting CPES into Canada is a bit of a problem because CPES is classified as a Hazardous Material and no US carrier will take it across the border, except FedEx on Next Day Air + a hazardous material surcharge. It's VERY expensive. Our Canadian customers have us ship the product to a US destination near the border and then they drive across and pick it up. We supply all necessary paperwork, including NAFTA, and there is no problem with Canadian customs.