The Rot Doctor


Subject: Log Ends
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999

Hi. I have a log home that is about 12 years old and I am seeing some rot in the log ends (exposed to rain) and in areas such as the horizontal logs that hold up an upper deck where the log supports have snow that sit on them for periods of time.
The logs seem punky and I feel that I need to do something now to stop the process. I have access to a digital camera if a picture will help. The rest of the structure seems fine except for a few places as I've described. Any ideas? Thanks.

Lance C.


Pictures are always very useful. They help me interpret what you are saying. If you send them, make them j-peg images.

The problems you describe are solvable. The log ends are easiest. Wait until they are dry (this summer?) and then soak them in CPES (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer). Just keep flowing the CPES into the logs until they will take no more. If you get a punky sound out of them that is more than about 8 inches from the log end, then drill some CPES-access holes and put the CPES in there as well. We outline the hole-drilling process on the web site.

Likewise the punky logs further up. Drill them and see if there is intact wood inside (even though rotten), and if so then they will be drilled and injected with the CPES. If they are hollow, then the face will have to be cut away. Again, details are on the web site. Remember, the wood must be reasonably dry to have an effective cure.

Come back with a few pictures and some comments and we can talk further.