The Rot Doctor


Subject: Acquisition (Log Home Veneer Application)
Date: Sat, 22 May 1999

Dear Rot Doctor,
We have slight Log Rot damage that has been stabilized the area is now dried and steps have been taken to keep it so. The question is should CPES be applied to logs before a permanent pine veneer is applied? The structural integrity is good but I am nervous of problems occuring under veneer. Should I have cause for worry?
Sincerely, Jeff H.

Yes, CPES should be applied. CPES will make the wood highly resistant to fungal and insect damage. Otherwise, you are correct to be concerned about what might happen under the veneer. I would also suggest that at the same time you apply CPES to the back side of the veneer and to the edges as well to give it protection as well.

How much CPES you will need will depend on the area to be treated. If you give me some idea of square feet involved I can suggest the appropriate amount.