The Rot Doctor


Subject: Log Restoration
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000

Dr. Rot:

Warm weather has returned, so am going to start 2nd phase of restoration of rotten logs and large cracks. Having last fall treated with cpes, I will again do another treatment. You had recommended to follow up with L&L/sawdust to fill cracks. I ordered and received L&L and also fine sawdust. Looking back on my emails from you it said coarse sawdust. So my obvious question is will this fine sawdust mixed with L&L work for filling any cracks? If the fine sawdust can work, then what would be the proportions of L&L to fine sawdust?

K. M.

We sell very fine sawdust because it meets so many general purposes in thickening the L&L Resin and produces a very smooth finish. In your case the purpose of the sawdust is to use up space that would normally be taken up with resin. So, the thicker and heavier the sawdust the less resin you will have to use. The resin glues the sawdust together and then adheres to the CPES-treated wood to produce a super-strong final result.

Any mix of sawdust and resin will fill cracks. The thicker sawdust produces a more "woody"-looking final finish, while out powdery sawdust produces a putty-like finish.

The proportions will vary with the type of sawdust. You first mix the resin, and then add sawdust and stir, kinda like mixing bread dough. At first the sawdust doesn't seem to thicken it very much, but it happens fast. Be careful about how much sawdust you add at one time toward the end. If it gets too tick, just mix a little more resin and add.

Come back if you have additional questions.