The Rot Doctor


Subject: Old log house
Date: Sun, 26 May 2002


The Cokato American Finnish Historical Society has a log home built in 1865 from White Pine logs at their Temperance Corners headquarters. If this poor little 10 x 12 building is to stand another 100 years plus - it is going to need some help - today I noticed that some of the logs are beginning to feel spongy and loose in the corners - the damage is both interior and exterior - Will your product (CPES) work here - or do you have a better solution - thank you James S.

CPES would be the preferred solution. Oftentimes in your situation absorption can be through the end-grain of the spongy logs. If the logs are dry a surprising amount of the CPES solution can be absorbed.

CPES can also be effectively applied to the surface of the logs, and penetration is especially deep if there are cracks or crevices for the CPES to run into. Once in the log, it will follow any open or soft path it can find.

The treatment is permanent. Once in/around the wood fibers the resin does not deteriorate or leach away.

Hope this is of some help, and please come back if you have additional questions.