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Subject: Rotten log ends
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003

I've purchased a log home in Florida and there is log rot on the ends of the logs. It appears the previous owner just cut off the ends of the logs, filled the void with expanding foam and then covered the ends with painters caulk. My plan will be to use CPES™ and then fill with Layup & Laminating™ Epoxy mixed with your sawdust. I've got about 16 log ends that had been cut off with some degree of rot (some worse than others). I have included a picture of the end with the worse rot. I am trying to estimate the amount of CPES™ needed and how much Layup & Laminating™ Epoxy. Also how much sawdust should be added to each gallon of Layup & Laminating™ Epoxy that is mixed up? Should I be using pieces of wood to fill the voids to reduce the amount of filler and does the type of filler wood matter?

Thanks for any advice you can give me.

Upper Hole Close-up
Rotten end grain


Thanks for the pictures... very helpful.

First, for the CPES™: The wood deterioration will probably go further back into the log than you might imagine, in the form of soft wood, which will readily absorb the CPES™. The CPES™ will not only harden the soft wood, but will also eliminate fungi and bacteria in the log. This being the case, I would recommend that you start with two of our 2-gallon CPES™ units. This may or may not be enough, but it's a start and you will be able to tell as you spray the CPES™ into the wood whether you will require more. You can spray CPES™ with any insecticide sprayer, having on hand some lacquer thinner to flush out the spray unit as the curing epoxy starts to clog the nozzle.

Now the Layup & Laminating™ Epoxy Resin and sawdust: Yes, by all means use some scrap wood (any type) to fill the larger volumes in the holes. Cut/trim the wood to fit, treat it with CPES™ for protection, and then bond it in place with a mix of the Layup & Laminating™ Epoxy Resin and sawdust. You can then fill the remaining volume with the Layup & Laminating™ Epoxy Resin/sawdust and make it flush with the log end surface. The amount of sawdust you add to the mixed Layup & Laminating™ Epoxy Resin is entirely your choice. You can make a thin mix or a thick mix... either way it will become very hard.

I would suggest starting with our 2-gallon unit of the Layup & Laminating™ Epoxy Resin, and if you buy the sawdust from us I would start with two of the 5-pound bags. Again, it's possible that you will need more, and if so you can reorder.

This process will make your log ends permanently rot-proof, and it's not a process you will have to repeat.

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