Rot Doctor


Subject: Rot Repair Newbie
Date: Monday, 8 Jun 2020

Log on the bottom of the home


Good morning from the swamps of Louisiana. I have a log home. I love my log home. I have some boards that are partially rotten, namely one that has seen too much wet for too long on the bottom of the home, and several not-so-great areas on the roof on the south facing side (see pictures, attached) on the side of the dormer windows.

After countless YouTube videos (terrible) and lots of conflicting information and pseudo directions on the internet, here I am asking humbly for your advice… products and a how-to would be most appreciated. I assume CPES to start, and then?

In any case, please advise me as you are able. I need to do this correctly! Thank you for your help.


Roof logs high view Roof logs low view



As we are out of stock on the CPES, we are selling S-1 Sealer as a replacement. It performs comparably. S-1 Sealer can be used to strengthen the wood, and make is moisture resistant, and thereby rot resistant. It is applied by brush, injected into drill holes or cracks, or sprayed, as is appropriate.

To fill drill holes or any contained, internal cavities, we have the General Purpose Epoxy Resin. I say contained, as it is the consistency of honey.

For filling where something thicker is needed, we have the Sculpwood Epoxy Paste, or the Sculpwood Epoxy Putty.

We would be happy to consult via phone call to determine how much of each product might be needed, and to instruct in their proper use.