Subject: Epoxy sealer (on picnic table)
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998

I came across your product and was wondering if your sealer would be recommended to use under poly for an outdoor (all year) picnic table here in the Boston area. Temps run from 100 deg. F to 0 deg. F. Would the 2 pint kit be enough to do a 10' table with benches? Mat'l = construction spruce.

Thanks for your recommendations.


Polyurethane and Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer (CPES) bond together extremely well, especially if the polyurethane is applied just after the CPES becomes sticky. The bond is molecular and VERY strong. For this application I'd recommend 2 coats of the CPES applied about a day apart, and then of course the poly put on last, maybe 2-4 hours after the 2nd CPES coat. How long it takes the CPES to become sticky depends a lot on the ambient temperature, i.e., it'll take longer in cool weather.

How much CPES you'll need depends a lot on how much the spruce soaks up. For your application I would buy the 2-quart unit, which should give you the 2 coats. The second coat will take much less CPES than the first.

Make sure the polyurethane you use is for outdoors and has a UV protection ingredient -- most do. I'd use several coats of the poly, and you should have a pretty much bullet-proof finish.

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